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How College Students Can Avoid Driving While Intoxicated

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2017 | Blog |

The first week back at school is right around the corner for many college students. A new year brings new possibilities. However, one wrong step can put an academic career into serious jeopardy, and one of the biggest mistakes to make is driving under the influence of alcohol.

A first DUI offense could lead to one year in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000 in the state of Maryland. It could also lead to loss of academic scholarships or expulsion from the university entirely. No party is worth it. This year, students should make sure that they and their friends are safe. Some simple tips can allow students to go to parties with peace of mind.

Assign a designated driver

When students attend a party as a group, one person should be the designed driver. To make it fair, the DD should rotate among the group of friends. Other people in the group can encourage the one person to remain sober by offering to pitch in for a nice meal afterward. People can even pitch in for a gift. Even a gift card can incentivize someone to avoid alcohol.

Be a responsible party host

For students planning on hosting the occasional party, it is vital to be mature when doing so. Additional beverages should be available that do not contain any alcohol. It is also good to have plenty of snacks and appetizers so that guests are not solely putting beer in their bodies. Good party hosts should also have some kind of transportation plan in mind. For example, the host can take everyone’s keys before guests enter the party. The host should also be the one to arrange Uber, Lyft or taxi rides for people requiring rides home.

College parties are a way of life, but that does not mean people’s lives need to be put in danger. A few preventive actions can allow people to enjoy themselves without risking their bright futures.