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The Law Office of Ronald L. Schwartz has been located in College Park for over 20 years. Mr. Schwartz, his two sons, and numerous friends, acquaintances and colleagues have gone to the University of Maryland to obtain quality education.

Unfortunately, students sometimes run into trouble with the law or with school administrations. From drinking as a minor to possessing drugs, the law takes any criminal violation seriously. There is no such thing as a “slap on the wrist” when it comes to criminal convictions or administrative investigations. A misdemeanor can harm a student’s ability to go to graduate school or find a job after college. Even if no criminal charges are filed, an allegation that sexual assault occurred can lead to an expulsion from college and a permanent notation on a transcript that may prevent one from ever being admitted to another college or university.

Being accused of academic dishonesty or sexual misconduct can quickly derail a student’s academic standing, enrollment, and future career. That is why it is important that students protect their futures by obtaining an informed assessment of their situation and potential consequences by an experienced criminal defense attorney. Ronald Schwartz has been helping college students at the University of Maryland and elsewhere navigate legal troubles for decades.

Representing Students Before Judicial Boards

Many colleges require students to sign codes of conduct that include certain rules pertaining to cheating, plagiarism and various forms of social behavior. The consequences for violating the code may include academic probation or expulsion. Attorney Ronald Schwartz has in-depth knowledge of student conduct codes and can represent you diligently in any misconduct hearings. He also can work on your behalf if you need to file a grievance against an individual or the school due to issues with grades, class availability, discrimination or harassment.

First Speak To An Attorney

If you or your child is facing allegations of criminal, academic or student conduct violations, first speak to an experienced lawyer to understand your rights. The Law Office of Ronald L. Schwartz has been representing college students for the past 20 years against all manner of criminal and academic violations. We will clearly and honestly explain your situation and the options you have moving forward.

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