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We Protect Your Future With Skilled Advocacy In Bankruptcy Proceedings, Criminal Defense And Personal Injury Claims.

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We protect your future with skilled advocacy in bankruptcy proceedings, criminal defense and personal injury claims.

Ronald L. Schwartz has been practicing law in the Maryland suburbs for over 35 years and has been in his College Park office for over 20 years. In that time, he has helped numerous clients overcome financial difficulties through Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. He has helped his clients mitigate or avoid serious penalties in the face of criminal charges, including drunk driving, drug possession and assault.

Throughout his time practicing, he has remained an accessible, informed lawyer who provides outstanding client service and dedicated, aggressive legal representation to clients in areas that include Montgomery and Prince George’s County. If you want your lawyer to provide individualized, tailored service while having 35 years of experience brought to bear on your case, call Ronald L. Schwartz.

A Veteran Attorney Protecting Your Rights

From drunk driving charges to bankruptcy protection, when you are facing a serious legal issue, you need a lawyer you can rely on to provide clear, honest communication about your legal options. We have been helping clients overcome legal challenges in the Maryland suburbs for over 35 years. No matter how complex your legal issue, we can use our insight and experience to your benefit.

Helping College Students Overcome Legal Obstacles

As a University of Maryland alumnus and a parent of children who graduated from the U of M, Ronald L. Schwartz is proud of his school and his community. But he knows that in college, many good students may find themselves unexpectedly in trouble with the law or before a college judicial board. If you or your child is facing an uncertain future because of allegations of sexual assault, drug possession, underage drinking, academic dishonesty, or other significant allegations, we can help. We are experienced in the processes by which schools and law enforcement investigate cases. We can protect your rights and your future.

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