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We Believe In Constitutional Protections

A criminal charge can lead to significant consequences for you and your family. That is why having a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side is essential. Before you plead to anything, you should be fully aware of the consequences associated with that plea agreement. And while you have significant rights in the criminal justice system, you may have your constitutional protections violated if you do not proactively assert those rights in court.

At The Law Office of Ronald L. Schwartz, we will protect your constitutional rights. If you need a tough, aggressive lawyer who has a practical and pragmatic knowledge of criminal defense, contact our office to begin protecting your future. We are located in College Park, Maryland, and represent clients throughout Prince George’s County and Montgomery County.

The Experience To See Your Case Through

As a veteran criminal defense and trial lawyer, Ronald L. Schwartz is prepared to defend clients against a variety of criminal charges. He has represented clients in all manner of criminal proceedings. He can speak for your situation from a practical legal perspective. And while he has seen a vast number of cases, he knows that each client is unique and requires a tailored defense.

We regularly help clients facing charges related to:

We Know How To Mitigate Criminal Penalties

When you are facing misdemeanor charges, the consequences last much longer than any time you may spend incarcerated. Having a conviction on your record can lead to trouble finding or keeping work. Your criminal record may affect your standing in the community or volunteer efforts.

In previous misdemeanor cases, we have been able to work with the prosecution to drop all charges against our clients. In other cases, we have been able to obtain a lower sentence or mitigate penalties.

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