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Anyone familiar with the average college student’s lifestyle knows that underage drinking is a common occurrence. However, this doesn’t mean that the offense does not have real consequences. Misdemeanors may include hefty fines, while the college or university may impose its own consequences if it has a conduct code. An underage drinking defense attorney can defend you against these charges. Using his knowledge and experience, Ronald Schwartz can guide you through both criminal and administrative proceedings.

Underage Drinking Is A Misdemeanor With Long-Term Consequences

Beyond fines, an underage drinking conviction may result in student misconduct code violations that prevent you from receiving opportunities like student housing, scholarships and student activities. There are also long-term consequences to having a criminal conviction on your record, as you may be barred from certain jobs and from applying for financial aid in the future. In these situations, you need the intervention of a qualified underage consumption lawyer at The Law Office of Ronald L. Schwartz.

The legal consequences for a minor being caught drinking and DUI may include the following:

  • Fines – The first offense in Maryland carries a fine of $500, and a second charge may raise that fine to $1,000.
  • Ignition interlock – If you are convicted twice of DUI, you may have to install an ignition interlock in your car that prevents the car from starting if you have any alcohol in your system.
  • University-level punishment – An underage drinking charge or DUI may be a violation of your school’s code of conduct and can carry additional penalties above those levied by the court system.

Help With All Underage Drinking Legal Issues

Skilled underage drinking and DUI lawyers can help you and your child. Attorney Schwartz ensures that you won’t suffer unfair legal and administrative consequences. He can help you learn what parents should know about their child’s legal challenges and opportunities. Ronald Schwartz also has experience helping children and parents discuss wider issues. Drinking can be dangerous, and dependency on alcohol leads to devastating results.

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