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Chapter 7: Dependable Assistance When Going Through Difficult Financial Times

When creditors and debt collection agencies are hounding you, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you need advice on how you can settle your debts while keeping your most important property and assets, consult with The Law Office of Ronald L. Schwartz and speak to a Chapter 7 lawyer about your options. Attorney Schwartz has more than 35 years of experience in bankruptcy law, which he leverages to benefit all his valued clients throughout Montgomery County and Prince George’s County.

Information Required By Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Court

In a Chapter 7 (or liquidation) bankruptcy, any property that you own in excess of the exemptions allowed by law can be sold by the trustee to pay your creditors. Many or most Chapter 7 filers can keep their property and home because they do not own any property than the allowed exemptions, however, it is important to consult with a skilled lawyer to ensure that certain property will not be liquidated. Before you can file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the court asks for the following information:

  • Creditors – You must name your creditors and show how much money you owe them and what types of loans you need to pay off.
  • Income and expenses – You are also required to submit a report of your income and expenses. The trustee assigned to your case needs to know how much money you make and where the money comes from. Attorney Schwartz in College Park can help you create this report.
  • Personal property – To pay down your debt, the trustee may need to sell off some of your personal property. Attorney Schwartz helps you prepare a list to protect your exempt property.

Do I Need An Attorney To File For Bankruptcy?

Having a skilled lawyer advising you can be helpful when filing for bankruptcy in Maryland. Attorney Schwartz is a skilled Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 lawyer who can closely review your case to determine if you are eligible and represent you in court to ensure that you get the best repayment plan possible. You can trust in the counsel offered by The Law Office of Ronald L. Schwartz.

Schedule A Free Consultation With A Skilled Bankruptcy Lawyer Near Silver Spring

For help with your Chapter 7 bankruptcy, call The Law Office of Ronald L. Schwartz at 301-892-3410 or contact the office online to set up a free consultation. In addition to other services, the firm is a debt relief agency that helps people file for bankruptcy relief. Attorney Schwartz proudly serves College Park, Greenbelt, Silver Spring and the surrounding areas.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.