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Marijuana: How much is too much?

As a Maryland college student, you probably have more than a passing acquaintance with marijuana. While public perception of this drug and its effects on young people has changed significantly over the years, you nevertheless need to keep in mind that marijuana possession is still prohibited in Maryland.

Can a DUI impact college scholarships?

Even with the knowledge that it's not safe to drink and drive, some estimates show that over 3 million college students drive while intoxicated every year. A DUI can have a profoundly negative impact on a person's life. It may be more difficult to get certain jobs. You also need to consider your overall reputation because a DUI conviction will show up on any background checks as part of your permanent criminal record.

How college students can avoid driving while intoxicated

The first week back at school is right around the corner for many college students. A new year brings new possibilities. However, one wrong step can put an academic career into serious jeopardy, and one of the biggest mistakes to make is driving under the influence of alcohol.

The disadvantages of self-representation for criminal charges

If you are facing criminal charges in College Park, you may think that you can represent yourself to resolve the situation. Regardless of the charges you face, you should never dismiss your right to legal counsel. Criminal charges are not something to make light of. They come with serious consequences that can affect you throughout the rest of your life. 


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