Drug And Paraphernalia Offenses

Effectively representing individuals caught with illegal items

Many individuals, especially college students, experiment with drugs at some point in their lives. While many accept this as a normal part of life, the fact remains that drug offenses carry hefty penalties that can jeopardize your future. Possession of the items necessary to use drugs is a criminal offense in Maryland, so work with a drug offense attorney at The Law Office of Ronald L. Schwartz if you were accused of this crime. Attorney Schwartz has a track record of successfully representing clients, including students at local colleges and universities, who are charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Possession of drugs is a serious crime

Law enforcement officers and prosecutors take possession of drugs very seriously in the state of Maryland. In most cases, even first misdemeanor conviction comes with fines, with concurrent convictions resulting in more fines and possible prison time. Even a misdemeanor drug charge can stay on your record for years, impacting your career choices and quality of life.

Drug possession is a fairly common crime in College Park, MD if an individual is caught with the possession of drug paraphernalia. The Law Office of Ronald L. Schwartz has experience with these issues and can employ various methods to disprove the following:

  • Possession - To prove that you are in possession of drug paraphernalia, the prosecution must demonstrate that you owned the item in question. This can be especially difficult to prove in college dorms or other situations in which several people live communally.
  • Paraphernalia - Many of the items listed as drug paraphernalia are common household items, and all of them are legal to possess. These include glassine bags, hypodermic needles and pipes.
  • Intended use - To charge you with drug and paraphernalia offenses, prosecutors must prove that the items seized are drug paraphernalia and that you also intended to use to them to consume drugs.

Drug and DUI attorney focuses on the needs of students in Prince George's County

Attorney Schwartz has defended clients against paraphernalia criminal charges for more than 30 years. He has experience reviewing the chain of evidence and disputing the search of dorm rooms. He is also among the most experienced DUI lawyers in the state.

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